On a Mission Helping ML teams build AI faster

We’re team of researchers, engineers and problem solvers that are taking the complexity out of AI models. As leaders in the space.

Built by a team of expert researchers, academics, engineers and passionate problem solvers

With 25+ research publications, 7,300 research citations and 100+ patents in computer vision and deep learning technology, the Superb AI team aims to utilize decades of experience and academic research for the advancement of AI.

Superb AI team is backed by leaders in the AI space and future-forward companies.

They saw our vision: Superb AI will overtime create a leading machine learning data platform called the Superb AI Suite.  

This suite helps companies create, label and manage training data efficiently, and accelerate their ML Ops cycle.

Made for Product & ML Engineers by ML Engineers

Data facilitator

We have been there, the product leaders and ML Engineers spending days with training data.

Our core mission has been helping engineers easily filter, search and manipulate training datasets, and integrate with their ML Ops stack, such as data storage or deep learning frameworks.