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Episode 26: Trusted AI with Saishruthi Swaminathan

About the episode:
Saishruthi Swaminathan is an Advisory Data Scientist at IBM's AI Strategy and Innovation division. Previously, she was a technical lead and data scientist in the IBM Center for Open-Source Data and AI Technologies team, whose main focus is to democratize data and AI through open source technologies. She has a Masters's in Electrical Engineering that specializes in Data Science and a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Instrumentation. Her passion is to dive deep into the ocean of data, extract insights, and use AI for social good.Previously, she worked as a Software Developer on a mission to spread the knowledge and experience she acquired in her learning process. She also leads an initiative to bring education to rural children and organizes meetups that focus on women's empowerment.
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Episode 26

Trusted AI with Saishruthi Swaminathan
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