Superb Labeling


Powerful labeling tool for Computer Vision Label Your Way to Better Datasets

Label effortlessly with a world-class annotation UI

Scale your annotation projects with robust tools that anyone can master. Packed with workflow enhancers like integrated issue threads, image augmentation, default classes, and custom tags for capturing information or reminders, our tools help you get the most out of your labelers and subject matter experts.

Annotate training images faster

Prepare and enrich datasets while handling volume increases with ease with an ergonomic image annotation app that makes manual labeling more productive than ever.

An icon that represents "Image classification".
Image classification : Organize images with customizable categories
An icon that represents "Bounding boxes".
Bounding boxes : Identify objects of interest with rectangles and squares
An icon that represents "Polylines"
Polylines : Annotate lines and create straight shapes and outlines
An icon that represents "Polygon segmentation".
Polygon segmentation : Capture irregular shapes and course objects
An icon that represents "Keypoints".
Keypoints : Mark and connect individual points within an image

Turn complex videos into high-precision training data

Label your videos faster and transform dynamic moving scenes into recognizable intelligence for your computer vision applications with a powerful video annotation app.

Upload : Supports both raw video and image sequences
Navigation : Go frame-by-frame, skip frames, and adjust speed seamlessly
Video classification : Organize by frame, selected scenes, or entire clips
Toolkit : Draw bounding boxes, polygons, and keypoints whenever needed
Object tracking : Duplicate and adjust annotations between frames

Designed for High-Speed,
High-Quality Labeling

An icon that represents
Label ground truth

Create clear-cut image and video annotations for training your custom automation model, hyperparameter tuning, and performance estimation.

An icon that represents "Label from scratch".
Label from scratch

Upload your data to manually annotate everything from edge cases to whole projects fast with comprehensive and user-friendly tools.

An icon that represents "Label together".
Label together

Share annotation requirements, assign tasks, communicate in-app, and collaborate on everything from entire datasets to individual labels.

An icon that represents "Label in fewer steps".
Label in fewer steps

Manual shouldn’t be synonymous with tedious. Use customizable hotkeys and shortcuts to minimize steps and do more faster.

An icon that represents "Label with no software to install".
Label with no software to install

Do everything from annotating your first video to validating your 50th dataset right within your browser, meaning you can label on virtually any operating system.

Label Your Way to Better Datasets