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The Superb AI Suite. Your data automated, managed and team-forward

  • Harness cutting edge automation and tools to accelerate data prep and deliver tomorrow’s AI today.
  • Harness cutting edge automation and tools to accelerate data prep and deliver better quality AI.
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Create Project

Select data and annotation type that fits your project specifications.

Image Category

Configure image categories relevant to your project.

Object Detection

Specify object classes and assign class properties.
Jumpstart projects and automate data labeling

AutoLabeling for those robust projects. 60% Faster.

Superb AI's Auto-Labeling incorporates proprietary technologies with Bayesian Deep Learning and Uncertainty Estimation frameworks to speed up training pipeline by up to 9.7X

Learn how our AutoLable Works

Get error reports, stats and more on your models performance

We have indepth API and integrations to integrate into to your existing ML code and quickly get live metrics, terminal logs, and system stats streamed to the centralized dashboard.

Export data anywhere and assign roles without sacrificing data security

Collaboration for your team to sync together.

Get AI Estimates to forcast difficulty levels for all of your team to make quick decisions.


Build better AI models. Just faster.

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Affordable companion to your
ML Project
Scale as you grow. Our pricing is easy to navigate and scale with your team.
We’re your ML advocate
But seriously. Between our Podcast, our data resources and our support services we are the leaders in the AI space.
Export and Integrate
Our online tools help you decide what product is best for you. Our Suite of AI services are here for you to scale up and down as your business does, integrating with your existing project.
We’re available 24/7
We have your back 24/7 between our online chat function, email and telephone support.
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We make Model Building simple
We’re committed to making your ML project easy to onboard and start auto creating , managing and collaborating.

Do more with your data

Cutting edge automation and tools so you can build AI with better data.