Computer vision is transforming industries from agriculture to healthcare - and it all starts with an idea and lots of labeled training data. Superb AI supports computer vision data labeling for agriculture and agritech companies of all shapes and sizes.

Agriculture & Agritech

Optimize farming operations, including crop yield and pest control measures, with visual data and image-based analytics. Using field sensors, cameras, and aerial imagery, computer vision can automate routine farming tasks and empower growers with real-time insights on everything from fertilization and watering needs to the perfect routes to take through fields. Superb AI helps farmers label data faster with custom specifications for different animals and crops and supports a wide range of annotation types, objects, classes, and properties.

Trusted by agricultural visionaries that know better data leads to better crops.
Henry Acevedo
Founder CEO/CTO at Fox Robotics
Fox Robotics's company logo

Customer-centric is what comes to mind. Having a partner that really understands our data and how ambitious we are, is huge. The personalized service and support, coupled with the quality of the labeled images we received, were second to none.

Fox Robotics used Superb AI to label messy images in 1/10th the time at 1/3rd the price
The agricultural automation provider teamed up with Superb AI to label images faster using custom automation fine-tuned to their exact use case - deciphering complex and messy scenes involving soft fruit, obstructions like branches, and much more.
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Make Precision Agriculture a Reality  With Computer Vision