Delivering High Quality Datasets Just Got Faster. Much Faster. 

Superb AI’s Custom Auto-Label is a model built on advanced few shot/transfer learning techniques that is trained using YOUR data in under an hour.
Start delivering high quality datasets
in a matter of days
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How It Works
Label Small Ground Truth Dataset
Train the model
in an hour
Bulk Label
in minutes
Superb AI's Custom Auto-Label Demo

What We'll Cover On The Call:

Your particular use case in your industry.
How to choose the right images for your ground truth dataset.
Appropriate number of images for best results.
Auditing and collaboration tools for quality management.
Data delivery pipelines via our developer tools. (SDK, API, CLI)
Actual Output From Our Clients Using Custom Auto-Label
Steffen True
AI Developer at Bepro11
"ML Data Management is one of the most critical components for  those of us in machine learning development. Being able to use the Superb AI Suite to manage, collaborate, and iterate across our teams has sped up our ML development cycle immensely."
Anastasiia Remyzovska
Regional Manager at Mindy Support
"I recommend Superb AI Suite to anyone looking for a reliable training data platform — from data annotation teams to machine learning teams in the Automotive, Robotics, Agricultural, and Retail industries. It is user friendly, easy-to-use, and reliable even with large databases."