Introducing: The Ground Truth

Dasha Gurova
Community Manager
1 min read
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There are plenty of great newsletters in the AI industry today, but after combing through all of the newsletters we could find we still felt like there was something missing.

I love all the news and latest paper reviews of course but there just wasn’t enough info available on computer vision in production and related data operations, the information practitioners need the most. At the same time, given the popularity of AI-related content online, searching for relevant and useful resources sometimes feels like manual data labeling.😉

So here we are, I am thrilled to kick off 2022 by launching a community newsletter for computer vision practitioners!

What you’ll get from this newsletter:

• Curated and original articles, videos, and news mostly about computer vision

• Of course, you will get learning resources and paper explainers

• Computer vision in production: knowledge and best practices about data operations (DataOps), model training, deployment, monitoring (MLOps)

• Conversations with practitioners on the Datacast

• We plan to host virtual fireside chats with prominent members of the AI community. You will get an invitation through this newsletter. Stay tuned.

The goal here is to learn together and support the adoption of computer vision in production. This is a NO MARKETING zone. We plan on releasing 2 issues per month unless you ask for more.

Check out the latest issue here.

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